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Round button in HTML5 with CSS3

Quick snippet below: how to create round button in HTML5 with CSS3.
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Centering an image within HTML5

How to center an image in a web page?

Below there is the css code to centering an image using css, which is an HTML5 valid method.

margin: 0px auto;display:block

If you apply the above css elements to an image, it will look like the below given code:

<img style="margin:0px auto;display:block" src="Image URL Here"/>;

Counting rows and colums in an HTML table

The table in our HTML web pages are very important: we can use them for manage our layout, show the data and a lot of other possibilietis. So, it is possible we have to count the rows and the columns, two easy operations, but maybe the count of columns is not so intuitive at first impact.
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HTML5: introduction and skeleton page

HTML5 is big improvement of the previous version. It makes you able to do a lot of stuff before you were able to do only with javascript/jQuery. So it is very powerful, but only not so spread as it should be. In this post I’m going to show you a simple skeleton of a HTML5 page.

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Saving file from the client side with the “Save As” logic

Saving files in a web application, with a “Save As” button? How can it be possible? Thanks to HTML5 we can do it now! You can save, for example, created or edited data from the user, to give him a report or a summary of the operations completed.

WebApplication: Storing data in the client side

The browser storage is a confortable and complete way to save your data on the client side using your web application. Since it is a quite new functionality, it needs to work with recent web browsers. For example, you can store data you want to keep in the client side during the web browsing.


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