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Disable onClick after first click to avoid double (or more) clicks

In my app (but this is valid also for web app), I have a problem: if user clicks twice (or more), twice requests (or more) are sent to the API server. Here a snippet to avoid this behavior with useless requests.

var pending = false;

function Foo(param)
    // test to see if something else set the state to pending.
    // if so... return, we don't want this to happen.

    pending = true; // raise the flag!

    /* ... later ... */
    // in the success method of your AJAX call add:
    pending = false;

How to create expandable FAQ page in HTML?

I needed to create a simple FAQ page for my Phonegapp app. I found a lot of sample, but all of them were too complicated, I was searching for a simple one.

After a while, I found some useful examples and I put them together to create my FAQ page with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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Round button in HTML5 with CSS3

Quick snippet below: how to create round button in HTML5 with CSS3.
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HTTP POST Request with C#

In the following samples, you can find out how to send a HTTP POST request with C#. I work a lot with JSON, so here I’ll show how to send a JSON string. Here we go!

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HTTP GET Request with C#

In the following samples, you can find out how to send a HTTP GET request, using C# with authentication and without it. Here we go!

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Distance in metres between two GPS points

I’m using Javascript for a cross platform app (using Devextreme as developing tool, it is based on PhoneGap) and I need to read the GPS position and compare it with another fixed point. Here how to do it.

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Use jQuery from Google Chrome console

Sometimes is useful exploit the power of jQuery from the browser console. If you are in page/site/web application including jQuery itself, no problem: just open the console and do your stuff. And otherwise?
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