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String replace in SQL Server database table

Here a fast snippet

update my_table
set path = replace(path, 'oldstring', 'newstring')

If useful, you can also set a where condition.


Round number keeping trailing decimals without using string

I need all values to rounded to 8 decimal places. So, for example, 1.2 should round to 1.20000000, but Math.Round(value, 8) rounds to 1.2.

I’m using a C# class to populate and then serialise to xml. One of the values is a double. If I assign a ‘1.2’ to the value this gets serialised to ‘1.2’ when I actually need ‘1.20000000’.

I found this fast way to do this without converting the number to string:

foo = doubleValue + 0.00M;

And that makes the value 1.20000000 instead of just 1.2. This was better then doing a ToString and then parsing it back.

Disable onClick after first click to avoid double (or more) clicks

In my app (but this is valid also for web app), I have a problem: if user clicks twice (or more), twice requests (or more) are sent to the API server. Here a snippet to avoid this behavior with useless requests.

var pending = false;

function Foo(param)
    // test to see if something else set the state to pending.
    // if so... return, we don't want this to happen.

    pending = true; // raise the flag!

    /* ... later ... */
    // in the success method of your AJAX call add:
    pending = false;

SQL Group By Date.Day

Another fast snippet: how to group by the from a date/datetime column.

select sum(amount) as total, dateadd(DAY,0, datediff(day,0, created)) as created
from sales
group by dateadd(DAY,0, datediff(day,0, created))

Convert a List<int> to a List<int?>

Here a very fast but useful snippet:

List<int?> nullList = myIntList.ConvertAll<int?>(x => x);

How to create expandable FAQ page in HTML?

I needed to create a simple FAQ page for my Phonegapp app. I found a lot of sample, but all of them were too complicated, I was searching for a simple one.

After a while, I found some useful examples and I put them together to create my FAQ page with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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Round button in HTML5 with CSS3

Quick snippet below: how to create round button in HTML5 with CSS3.
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Where can I find the IIS logs?

Where does IIS7 store logs by default? Here:


JavaScript: add month to Date object

Here two simple snippets useful to add (or subtract) months to a Date object:

function add_months(dt, n) 
    return new Date(dt.setMonth(dt.getMonth() + n));      

dt = new Date();
console.log(add_months(dt, 10).toString());  

You can also create it as prototype, if you prefer:

Date.prototype.add_months = function(w){

var date = this;
date.setMonth( date.getMonth()+10 );

return date;


var date = new Date();
console.log( date.add_months(10).toString() );

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