This code snippet perfoms traceroute (“tracert command”) an IP and allow you to know all the hops with some infos, like hostname, reply time address and other stuff.

Below the code.

/// <summary>
/// Traces the route which data have to travel through in order to reach an IP address.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="ipAddress">The IP address of the destination.</param>
/// <param name="maxHops">Max hops to be returned.</param>
public static IEnumerable<TracertEntry> Tracert(string ipAddress, int maxHops, int timeout)

    // Ensure that the argument address is valid.
    if (!IPAddress.TryParse(ipAddress, out IPAddress address))
        throw new ArgumentException(string.Format("{0} is not a valid IP address.", ipAddress));

    // Max hops should be at least one or else there won't be any data to return.
    if (maxHops < 1)
        throw new ArgumentException("Max hops can't be lower than 1.");

    // Ensure that the timeout is not set to 0 or a negative number.
    if (timeout < 1)         throw new ArgumentException("Timeout value must be higher than 0.");     Ping ping = new Ping();     PingOptions pingOptions = new PingOptions(1, true);     Stopwatch pingReplyTime = new Stopwatch();     PingReply reply;     do     {         pingReplyTime.Start();         reply = ping.Send(address, timeout, new byte[] { 0 }, pingOptions);         pingReplyTime.Stop();         string hostname = string.Empty;         if (reply.Address != null)         {             try             {                 IPHostEntry ipHostInfo = Dns.GetHostEntry(Dns.GetHostName());                 hostname = ipHostInfo.HostName;                 //IPAddress ipA = ipHostInfo.AddressList.FirstOrDefault(a => a.AddressFamily == AddressFamily.InterNetwork);
                //var ame = Dns.GetHostByAddress(reply.Address);    // Retrieve the hostname for the replied address.
            catch (SocketException) { /* No host available for that address. */ }

        // Return out TracertEntry object with all the information about the hop.
        yield return new TracertEntry()
            HopID = pingOptions.Ttl,
            Address = reply.Address == null ? "N/A" : reply.Address.ToString(),
            Hostname = hostname,
            ReplyTime = pingReplyTime.ElapsedMilliseconds,
            ReplyStatus = reply.Status

    while (reply.Status != IPStatus.Success && pingOptions.Ttl <= maxHops);

And to use it, just call it like this example:

Tracert("", 10, 10000);