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Wait Until A Condition Is True (and not stuck the CPU!!)

Sometimes the need arises to wait for a condition or property to become true, this is especially useful for unit / integration tests. The System.Threading namespace contains SpinWait which will enable use to enter a condition that we want to wait on to see if it becomes true.

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HOWTO: close the TCP connection of other process calling Windows API

We know that TCPview, for example, can close the TCP connection for the other process without closing the process. So how to implement it? Suppose there is a process connecting to the a remote ip and port, how to terminate that connection?

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MySQL: import/export single table

Here how import/export single table using MySQL as DBMS:

Exporting the Table
To export the table run the following command from the command line:

mysqldump -p --user=username dbname tableName > tableName.sql

This will export the tableName to the file tableName.sql.

Importing the Table
To import the table run the following command from the command line:

mysql -u username -p -D dbname < tableName.sql

The path to the tableName.sql needs to be prepended with the absolute path to that file. At this point the table will be imported into the DB.

Fast and useful hint to analyze your disk usage

Just click here and discover the power of WinDirStat. If you have a full disk to clean up, this will be your savior.

Send push notification using C# and FCM

After you set up the environment in your app and make it able to receive push notifications, here we’ll see how to send these push notifications using the FCM features with C#.

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DevExtreme/Phonegap: how to manage push notifications with FCM

It took long time for me to manage in the correct way push notifications within my app. Using DevExtreme, I’m able to create a single app both for Android and iOS.

To test the push notifications feature, I use FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging, by Google).

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Enable/disable foreign keys check Azure SQL database

The classic commad working in SQL Server


isn’t working on Azure database.

Here the code to disable the foreign keys on all the table of a database:

DECLARE @enable_constraints bit = 0

--Don't change anything below this line.
DECLARE @schema_name SYSNAME
DECLARE @table_name  SYSNAME

    INNER JOIN sys.schemas ON tables.schema_id = schemas.schema_id

OPEN table_cursor
FETCH NEXT FROM table_cursor INTO @schema_name, @table_name

DECLARE @cmd varchar(200) 
    SET @cmd = 'ALTER TABLE ' + QUOTENAME(@schema_name) + '.' + QUOTENAME(@table_name) + ' '
    SET @cmd = @cmd + (CASE WHEN @enable_constraints = 1 THEN 'CHECK' ELSE 'NOCHECK' END) + ' CONSTRAINT ALL'

    PRINT @cmd
    EXEC( @cmd )

    FETCH NEXT FROM table_cursor INTO @schema_name, @table_name

CLOSE table_cursor
DEALLOCATE table_cursor

To enable them again, just change the firs row with

DECLARE @enable_constraints bit = 0

Enable/disable foreign keys check

When you do some stuff on your database, it can be useful disable, for a while, the foreign keys check. Here how to do it:
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How to Fix the Error “Could not find the Database Engine startup handle” in SQL Server 2016, 2014, or 2008

Just go here to solve this problem.

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